Handmade & Hand Poured

Our candles and wax melts are made with high quality, American made materials. 

Proud to be Indiana Grown!

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The blueberry cheesecake melts are AMAZING!😍😍

Erin Campbell

Nothing like a fresh new Blueberry Cheesecake melt in my warmer before bed!

Jessica Thompson

Blueberry cheesecake melts are my new favorite! They smell SOO good!

Britnegh Hill

wow just got one of these candles for Christmas Great smelling love it!!! Going to buy some of the melts also.

Linda Pegg‎

Awesome name!!!

Ami Miller

These are the best melts I have ever found.  I put them in my warmers and turn them on everyday for 3 days and they smell the same as first day I put them in.

Debbie Hodgkin

Best candles/melts!!!  They burn evenly and smell so natural :) I'm so excited about my new upcycled wine bottle.....I can't wait to show all my friends!  If I could give your customer service 10 stars I would.  Thank you!

SuZette Prowse Weadick

Proud supporter of Military and First Responders.

As the former wife of a police officer, I'm very passionate about showing support for all first responders and military.  Our products are dedicated to those who selflessly risk their lives everyday.